10 Reasons why HydraFacial M D is the No. 1 Skincare Treatment for Brides

10 Reasons why HydraFacial M D is the No. 1 Skincare Treatment for Brides

HydraFacial M D is a revolutionary 6 Step Facial that deep cleanses, super hydrates, plumps and refines skin. It has become a favourite with brides across the globe for all of the reasons below:

  1. Flawless Skin – The Extraction Step of the HydraFacial gently lifts out blackheads, white heads, dead skin cells and surface dirt from pores so that skin is left super refined and flawless looking.
  2. Anti-Aging – A course of HydraFacials are amazing at plumping the skin and minimising fine lines and wrinkles. They are perfect for any bride that doesn’t want to use anti-wrinkle injections but still wants to achieve a youthful look without any invasive treatments.
  3. Amazing Glow – During a HydraFacial, skin is treated with super serums made with ultra nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow.
  4. Quick Results  – HydraFacial will transform your skin even after just a short course of treatments. So, if there’s just a few months or weeks to your wedding, we can tailor a course of treatments to suit your wedding date. For best results, we recommend 6 weekly treatments followed by monthly treatments to maintain the results right up to your wedding date.
  5. No Downtime – HydraFacial is a gentle, pain-free, non invasive facial with no downtime! At most, your skin may be slightly flush after the treatment, but this quickly resides leaving your skin glowing. Treatments can even be done up to a week before your wedding.
  6. Super Hydrating – Skin is nourished and super hydrated with intense moisturisers that quench even the driest of skins.
  7. For All Skin Types – HydraFacial is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, rosacea prone, oily/combination and acne.
  8. Tailor – Made – If you have a specific skin concern such as Acne or Aging Skin, The Kelly Clinic can tailor your HydraFacial with a booster.
  9. Affordable- HydraFacial is significantly more affordable than more invasive Anti-Wrinkle Treatments with prices starting at €160 per treatment. The Kelly Clinic also offers a Part Payment Plan to suit your budget and you can save when you buy a course of 5 treatments.
  10. Long lasting Results – You will see and feel the results of a HydraFacial for many days after your treatment. For optimum results, monthly treatments are advised right up to your wedding day.

Call 091 786841 to find out more information or to book a treatment. Prices starts from €160 per treatment or you can avail of our Bridal HydraFacial Offer of 5 treatments for the price of 4 at €640.

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